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We can't f*ck with everyone

And that's okay.

For this reason alone, I love to run astrological compatibility tests to see if our energies are a good fit.

Regardless of spiritual or personal beliefs, science tells us that we as in humans were not designed to get along all of the time. People get sent to you from God for more reasons than I'll be able to tell you, but what I will say is that they are meant to challenge us and our personal ethics. As humans, we create cognitive bias where adverse situations, people, and everything else in between impacts our psychological state more than positive ones. Why? Simple, we will always feel the sting of rejection more than the joy of praise. This is why we love those I got it out the mud stories, the grit and the grind because it highlights all the negative paths traveled to success.

The real reality is that every relationship has biases, which influence how we act, react, and feel toward our loved ones. These biases are often based on past experience and past hurts, which can be difficult to overcome. Unfortunately, this can open the door for manipulation. We see this commonly in narcissistic, trauma bonded, and overall abusive relationships. Hell, even friendships too! But, you know, there are positives if other synastry aspects are present to balance it out.

Either way, many people enter relationships with preconceived ideas about the people they will be with. That's just human nature because strong past experiences are created by negative stimuli. For example, if you’ve been cheated on in the past, then you’ll likely go into a relationship with a preconceived notion about your partner cheating on you. When we have these preconceived notions from the jump, it makes it difficult to grow past them as the relationship matures. After all, what’s done is done and it is what it is, leaving the relationship stagnant for problems to arise.

Negative bias in relationships are extremely damaging and difficult to recover from when operating within your shadow self. This is why we should look at the synastry to see if the relationship is capable of teaching both people the corresponding healing lessons necessary to get over these prior biases. Sometimes, the synastry shows some of the darker lessons being learned as well. With how the world is right now, we need to use all our resources to give ourselves a heads up to know when you simply just don't f*ck with something. Not everything is for everybody.

Circling back to astrological compatibility tests...

Synastry in astrology is the process of comparing the birth charts of a couple, business, or other entity. It's a way to understand the relationship dynamics between two energies and gain a deeper understanding of your relationship. We see what we need from our partners and friends, what we want in a relationship, and how we work together as a unit towards common goals. I like to think of it as a dance and the astrological wheel is the dance floor. The planets are showing us how the dance will be performed and in a composite chart, this shows us how the dance will be rated.

When two natal charts are aligned, we see some stimulating challenges with an easier flow of energy. When two natal charts are misaligned, it can create strong tension and an imbalance within the partnership.

Every time I do a compatibility reading, I break it down into three slices. Synastry, superimposition, and composite.

  1. Synastry is taking a look at which aspects exist, planetary rulerships, and the ascendant placement between entity A and entity B. Pay attention to the Ptolemaic aspects aka conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition in synastry charts. Even though we may look at some of the more tense aspects as a challenge and naturally want to see more favorable aspects such as a trine or sextile, they serve their purpose. It adds in a healthy layer of stimuli depending on the placement.

  2. Superimposition in astrology is combining the chart to understand the life influences between the two entities. To do this, we will need to see which of entity A's houses are stimulated by entity B's planets and ascendant. Take entity A's chart and completely remove their planets, but leave the houses and zodiac signs. Then take entity B's planets + ascendant and place it into entity A's chart. This way you can see what entity B will bring to the life of entity A.

  3. Composite is a composite chart that creates a new horoscope by combining entity A's chart with entity B's chart to show the energy field of the union. In a nutshell, you do a little math with entity A and entity B's planets to find the mid-point. That would be the new placement of the planet thus creating your relationship chart. You can manually calculate this, or you can use Astro Seek‘s free chart service to obtain a composite chart.

I go more in depth on my Patreon and break down how to hand calculate a composite chart. If you want to learn a bit more about synastry, come vibe out with us over there and you'll begin learning on your own if you f*ck with a person or not ahead of time. Want to dig deeper into negative bias? You're in luck because I also found a great resource for you, here.

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Apr 19, 2023

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