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Asteroid Child #4580? What's that? My innerchild?

So, the other day I posted on my Facebook page, Astro Moe about this weird asteroid called child #4580 and there were a few comments in the shares saying mines in xyz, what does that mean? But, what does all of this mean? WHAT. DOES. IT. MEAN.

That is exactly why I'm typing this blog post. There isn't much info on this asteroid out there and I needed a format where I can type lengthier responses.

I'm going to show you the content that was posted on Facebook to get everyone caught up, and then I will go from there.


View the post here.

In this post, I highlighted 2 people, Fred Rodgers and Robin Williams who were both pivotal people in many childhoods. What I found incredibly interesting in Robin Williams' chart however, was the overall nature of his childhood and how he carried those feelings throughout his life. We saw that asteroid child was in Sagittarius and his mother might have shown her affection or parented more so in a sarcastic, yet humorous and philosophic way. I feel like this had a huge effect on Robin Williams' interest in improv. You have to be able to act on the fly when Sagittarius is involved due to it's mutability combined with its fiery nature and rising to this expectation to connect with his mother in his childhood inspired him to adapt this strategy in other areas of his life. The more he gave into improv and theatre, allowing himself to travel to other realms, the more he found himself being able to connect with others. That was a huge transformation from his early childhood where he was bullied and unable to connect to becoming an inspiration to many. However, we all know Robin Williams did unalive himself. His asteroid child being in the second house wanted value and when it squared Saturn it created a strong foundation full of obstacles that asteroid child would have to jump through if it wanted to succeed. We know that Saturn represents the Freudian super-ego which is that internal voice that tells us what is right and what is wrong thus inhibiting our impulses. He thought that the value that others created in him would expand to his own personal value in himself. When Robin Williams' health began to decline, this more than likely caused himself to have those same old feelings of devaluation. With Saturn contributing to his ruminations and his asteroid also being conjunct his Chiron, this sealed the fact that he carried his childhood wounds like a hitchhiker throughout his entire life.

My child asteroid is in Gemini just like Mr. Rodgers and it forms a trine with my Moon and my Saturn. I have some bumps and bruises from my childhood like anyone else and I have gone through some traumatic experiences, but my mother really does care about being a good mom. When we've been faced with hard circumstances my mom did her best to nurture me. I was a latch key kid who had to figure things out for myself and my nieces and nephews often, but my mom would hand draw learning charts and post them on the walls to keep my mind going. On her off days from work she would take me to the library so that I could read everything my heart desired and play on the computers. I also had a babysitter who would let me play on her computer whenever I was in her care and the computer lab in elementary school was my favorite special. With Saturn in a trine, I can say that while I did enjoy pushing against authority in my childhood, I still respected the boundaries of authority. I remember the one time in high school where I was incredibly rude to one of my teachers in my favorite department. I'm not sure what was going on with me that day, but the head of the department who I was a student aide for pulled me aside to tell me that she wasn't angry at me, but more disappointed because that's not the kind of person that I am. I respected her and the value of that moment to go back to the other teacher and apologize. In my adult life, this makes me a great asset to any team because I know what my ministry is within organizations and I will honor all boundaries set.

But, enough of my rambling! Let's talk a bit more about this powerful asteroid in astrology.


Before I get started, it's a great idea to go figure out where you have your asteroid child at. This way as you download and fully absorb this information you'll be able to understand it better.

To find where this is, you can go to this link, here. Once you get there, you'll want to follow these three simple steps:

  1. Enter your birth info

  2. Scroll and click “additional objects”

  3. Type “4580” and then hit “show the chart”

Now that you have your placement, where is it at?

Aries: main character x childhood

If you have your child asteroid in Aries, you probably were the child who threw a tantrum when told, no. Your inner child needs for you to recognize that you are the main character of your life. You can stand up for yourself and be your own hero.

Taurus: self-esteem x solitary

If you have your child asteroid in Taurus, your innerchild needs for you to give yourself more grace and prioritize your creature comforts more. Taking time to be still for introspection may also help sort out any self-esteem issues that may arise.

Gemini: fvck around and find out x distracted

If you have your child asteroid in Gemini, know that you probably had some fvck around and find out energy when you were a child. That beautiful child-like Gemini curiosity that innocently led you to want to figure out the inter-workings of things, but sometimes you had to find out the hard way. Your innerchild needs for you to express your thoughts without becoming so distracted.

Cancer: emotionally sensitive x nurture

If you have your child asteroid in Cancer, this is almost similar to having a Cancer Moon placement. Being around your family was where you wanted to be and you were likely stuck up under your mom. Your innerchild needs for you to reassure them that you will be with them, nurturing them every step of the way.

Leo: hear me roar x instinct

If you have your child asteroid in Leo, your innerchild needs for you to romanticize your life more. Do things as if you are in a thrilling romance story and you're the main character. You might notice that you have impeccable gut instinct in situations where it matters, this is your innerchild guiding you. Make sure that you work through their stubbornness so that you aren't led astray in your adult life.

Virgo: 13 going on 30 x care

If you have your child asteroid in Virgo, you might have been the kid that tended to mimic adult like scenarios in your independent play. You might have always wanted to play doctor or you would steal band-aids to care for your stuffed animals. When you'd get a scrape you found that it was much easier to care for your toys than to be the one getting the care. Your inner child needs for you to prioritize your health, all health. Mental, physical, and spiritual.

Libra: connect x harmony

If you have your child asteroid in Libra, you probably were the kid that brought people together in harmony or you could be the middle child of three signifying the connective foundation of the scale helping both of your siblings to balance. Your innerchild needs for you to listen and focus on their needs since Libra always focuses on others. Giving too much of yourself to bring balance to others will deplete you.

Scorpio: mystery x taboo

If you have your child asteroid in Scorpio, your innerchild needs you to dive into the more mysterious side of life and work towards showing your emotions more in a healthy way. A great visual reference for this placement would be Wednesday Adams. This character would have their child asteroid in Scorpio. She was motivated to uncover a town mystery and while she followed her leads we saw her struggle to hide her true emotions. In her voice-overs we hear her analyzing her feelings and the dark place that they come from in an effort to understand them and process. If your child has this placement, you might catch them watching you from behind or quietly entering a room and then you turn around and boom, they are there.

Sagittarius: curiosity x purpose

If you have your child asteroid in Sagittarius, your innerchild needs for you to learn that it's okay to not have all the answers. Up above I explained a little bit more about this placement in my analysis.

Capricorn: ambition x tough love

If you have your child asteroid in Capricorn, your innerchild needs for you to help them through their lack of emotional understanding. This is a child who had so much put upon them at such a young age that they began to care about their own pretenses in a way to avoid tough love and discipline. When this placement is out of balance it might manifest as ignorance towards the emotions of others. Sometimes just sucking it up isn't a viable solution, but Child in Capricorn sees it as the only solution.

Aquarius: humanitarian x emotional

If you have your child asteroid in Aquarius, your innerchild needs for you to honor the true essence of Aquarius. This really is a beautiful placement in children when well aspected or left to its own devices. It's the child who will offer their ice cream cone to a new friend after they dropped theirs or the friend during circle time who sees another kid having a hard time so they sit next to them to try and be their friend. For older children, it's the child who sees a kid getting picked on in class so they decide to stand up to the bully. It's important to help your inner child when they feel helpless by volunteering time making a difference.

Pisces: imagination x attachment

If you have your child asteroid in Pisces, you remind me of the little girl from Matilda who had the 2 pig tails that pick flowers. I'll insert a pic right after this so you can pick up the vibe. This placement is very delicate with a hyper imagination and a lot of day dreaming because of this, your parents are pivotal in your life. Your innerchild needs you to work through your attachments. This is the child who has separation anxiety when the parent drops their child off at child care. This is why ensuring you are making healthy attachments in your adult life is very important.

Keep in mind as much as the zodiac sign is important, so is the house, degree, and aspects. A well aspected asteroid child behaves differently from a poorly aspected one. We want to pay attention to aspects to the Sun since the Sun represents our vitality. Good aspects could mean ease of expression whereas tougher ones could mean daddy issues or conflict with male figures. The moon is equally as important because tough aspects could indicate issues with feminine role models in your life and positive aspects could tell us you have an easier time connecting with your innerchild and understanding what exactly they need to thrive.

I hope I was able to properly introduce this asteroid to you. You can expect me to be speaking on this more in my social media content, on my forum, and in future blog posts.

I do offer a reading for just your child asteroid,

but you will get more bang for your buck learning about it in a natal chart reading. You can get on my roster, here.

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