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Hey there!

Hey, I am Moana and I'm choosing to live my life unapologetically.


For most of my life I’ve always known I was different and throughout the years I’ve always fought to find out why, but what has always been clear is my spiritual drive to change the world. Now in my very late 20s, I finally feel like I’m walking in my purpose after connecting with my divine ancestors who have guided me to this point. Here on my blog and website, I'm going to talk about the things that bring me joy, the things I learn while healing myself, and most importantly, share what I know to make a difference in someone else’s life journey. We may even get into some crafting shenanigans, or my Sagittarius rising might shine through in a controversial blog post or two. All good chaos in my opinion.

If you’re interested in watching me fulfill my divine purpose and learning about what yours is as well, then get comfy and stick around a while. In real life i’d offer you a blanket and cup of tea because there is no better way to navigate this universe and together we can leave a colorful footprint in this world.

Remember, this is my journey and it is so unique and personal to me. I hope that I can inspire you along your journey.


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