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The Metaphysics of Blowing Cinnamon

If you frequent the online spiritual community, then there are two times a month when you’ll hear cinnamon being popularly mentioned. That’s the first of every month and Thursday of each week.

For experienced spiritualists, we know why cinnamon is the first pick for these periods, and I feel it’s too easy for some of us to say “blow cinnamon” to the greater collective. Trusting us, they blow cinnamon; some see improvements, but many don’t.

Have you ever blown cinnamon on a Thursday or the first of the month?

  • Yes

  • No

This is because most don’t know or don’t understand the metaphysics behind the action. We know it’s abundance, right? However, do we understand how each ritual facet adds to the abundance? This is the key for many. Spiritual leaders and teachers don’t explain metaphysics openly, and we don’t for good reason. This is the knowledge that you typically need an energy exchange for, whether that looks like joining a mentorship with your favorite spiritualist, paying for a class, or getting it out the mud with your own research. All valid forms of energy exchange.

In this blog post, I will summarize a few details about the metaphysics of blowing cinnamon. For those who subscribed to my “The Scholar” membership, where you get unlimited courses monthly, you can always request a complete and in-depth course on this topic.

Let’s begin with Thursday’s energy.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook for a while, you know I love a damn good correspondence. Knowing these can exponentially increase your ability to maximize the energies that exist around you. You can find a few of my Thursday correspondence posts on my resource forum.

A screen shot of Jupiter correspondences on my resource forum.

Jupiter is associated with expansion, prosperity, and opening new doorways in life. Jupiter also rules Thursdays; however, this specific day of the week carries its own energies. The zodiac signs that get a boost on a Thursday would be Sagittarius (domicile) and Pisces (exalted) due to Jupiter, but Capricorn also corresponds to Thursday. Intentions can align with business, legal matters, fidelity, success, chasing desires, and overall well-being. It’s not just limited to these intentions; however, they are a good start for the beginner.

Thursday is represented by the nine, ten, and ace of pentacles. This supports the idea of reaping physical rewards and the culmination of establishing prosperity. Thursday also connects metaphysically to cinnamon, which we know is the most popular herb for abundance. Nutmeg, honeysuckle, and sage are Thursday herbs as well.

I always have nutmeg in my spice cabinet, especially during this time of the year. Nutmeg metaphysically connects to luck, money, and health. This makes it an excellent substitute for when you don’t have cinnamon.

Interestingly, of the four mentioned herbs above, honeysuckle, nutmeg, and sage are the only three metaphysically connected to Jupiter.


When it comes to cinnamon…

It’s a no-brainer why we hold its metaphysical properties as a heavy hitter in the world of abundance when you learn about cinnamon’s background. Cinnamon was considered more precious than gold as it was often traded as currency. It was one of the most sought-after spices that prompted the Age of Exploration voyages searching for spice routes in the 15th-16th centuries. The first recorded use of cinnamon dates back to 2800 BC in Ancient Egypt, where it was mentioned in texts as an ingredient in embalming fluids and perfumes. In Ancient China, cinnamon was incorporated into traditional medicine and was believed to improve energy, vitality, and circulation. Ancient Rome viewed cinnamon as a luxury import that commanded very high prices. Due to this, it was often given as a gift to royalty and the elite. We must respect this herb’s prominence, even if it has lost its stature in modern times. These things add to the metaphysical understanding and increase our ability to work with cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a Sun ruled herb known as “sweet wood” and carries the yang properties of the Sun— action, heat, and stimulation. I believe the heavy association with Jupiter day aka Thursday leads people to believe that it's a Jupiter ruled her. It's not. The yang energy in cinnamon encourages energetic flow and improved circulation of your manifestations. It helps to remove stagnation and creates warming movement in your desires. There’s a long history of using cinnamon for purification, protection, and manifesting success since its spicy-sweet aroma is thought to cleanse negative energy and attract positive vibes. This gives way to opportunity, riches, and fulfillment of desires.

Blowing the cinnamon activates the air element. The blowing connects to breath, which is the life force that gives us our vital energy. As you blow, you are vitalizing your intentions. This can also invigorate Jupiter’s influence as air is also metaphysically associated with Jupiter. The air element in this context is connected to new beginnings, fresh inspiration, and communication.

We talked specifically about Thursdays; however, the first of the month, regardless of the day, holds similar yet unique intentions.

Blowing abundance herbs through the door on the first clears out any leftover ick or stagnation from the previous month. Think spiritual hygiene upkeep for prosperity. Blowing through your front or primary door “activates” the entry point to the home, which metaphysically represents the passageway to new opportunities. It’s like asking the universe to bring the good stuff into your family’s life for the next 30-31 days.

Here are a few tips for blowing cinnamon.

An ai generated image by Astro Moe otherwise known as Moana. It is an ai image of a pile of brown powder that is imagined to be powdered cinnamon. Mixed in the powdered cinnamon is cinnamon sticks. The pile is on a brown surface with cosmic stars above it.

You will first want to enchant or pray over your cinnamon. If you are unsure how to do this properly, look into one of the fair energy exchanges I mentioned above. This is an important step that will elevate your cinnamon-blowing practice.

As you blow the cinnamon through your door, visualize blowing stagnant air out and inviting the renewed energy of your desires in. When we engage with the metaphysical properties of cinnamon on Thursdays, we can clear space for growth and manifesting blessings.

After everything is all said and done, clean your home and refresh things to support the intentions you are trying to birth.

If you are looking for more spiritual aftercare, you can do things like journaling or complete the shadow work necessary to remove the blockages that are present. You can light a candle to bring more light, inspiration, and clarity to achieve what you want. If you love a good spiritual bath or shower, take one to cleanse lingering energy that you don’t want in your aura.

Blowing cinnamon has spiritual significance, and hopefully, after reading this blog post, you’ll be able to understand it a bit more. When we engage mindfully with the energies at hand, we manifest transformation in our lives. If you choose to make this consistent, you can make your monthly and weekly ritual something that anchors your prosperity and realigns yourself with abundance.

Trust your intuition and see what resonates most with your spirit and style. A pinch of cinnamon and a dash of ritual can go a long way.

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