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  • best value

    Develop Thy Self

    Every month
    A nice middle ground for those who want to feed their brain and slay shadows on their own
    • Unlimited Learning Courses Available Instantly
    • Unlimited Self-Work Programs Available Instantly
    • Exclusive blog posts with in-depth thinking pieces
    • Access to Private Community Group
    • Subscriber only group meets
    • 30% OFF Coupon
    • + more!
  • The Scholar

    Every month
    Perfect for those who want to continuously enrich their minds and grow at their own pace
    • Unlimited learning courses available instantly
    • Exclusive blog posts with in-depth thinking pieces
    • Private group to connect with other scholars
    • Subscriber only group meets
    • Exclusive resource forum with hard to find information
    • 20% OFF Astro Readings
    • +more!
  • Cosmic Coaching

    Every 2 weeks
    4 weekly sessions every month and unlimited self-development opportunities
    • Unlimited Self-Work Courses Available Instantly
    • Personalized Coaching Based on Your Astrology
    • Accountability & Hype Partner
    • Access to a Journaling Portal
    • Guided Self-Work Exercises
    • Access to Shadow Work Group
    • Exclusive Resource Forum
    • + more!

Cancel anytime at your leisure through "my subscriptions" in your account.

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