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Maximize Life: Opportunity Periods in Astrology

Happy March 1st!

This month is literally jam packed with some major, major, MAJOR energetic shifts. We got the heavy hitters Saturn and Pluto stepping up to the plate. It's finally their turn to switch teams and immerse themselves into new energy. If you don't already follow me on Facebook and Instagram, please do. I kicked out some dope graphics that highlights this month's blog posts and this month's transits. In addition to that, I'm constantly putting out free game and learning content.

Pluto shifting into Aquarius is going to require a whole separate post because this is a huge generational turning point. As of right now, Pluto is only dipping his toe into the water until the summer and will jump out of the pool until 2024. We get to test drive the energy and see what we will be refining for the next 20 years.

Saturn in Aquarius has been beating our asses since the beginning of March 2020. Personally speaking, this has been my Saturn return and I can't even make up this long list of BS that I've had to endure. I quit my teaching job for way more reasons than one and began to home school my children. There were lots and lots of google meets. Y'all remember schooling during the height of COVID? The worst! I've been hospitalized once for cellulitis from a root canal and if you don't know already, Saturn does rule the teeth. This was during COVID procedures. I was in an immense amount of pain, could barely talk, and I wasn't allowed to have my husband there to advocate for me. Having to stand up to authority through the pain has to be on a Saturn return bingo card.

Then my husband had to leave for a 6 month military deployment, that turned into 6 and a half months. This was when I was really able to introspect and take a bigger step out towards faith. I gained a new very close friend while also taking a hit to an old, and cherished friendship. It was a causality of the self-introspection cycle I was in. I have a natal 3rd house Saturn, for reference. Then I took what I've been doing for most of my life already and applied it in order to create all of what you see that I offer today. My blog, astrology, readings, etc. Meanwhile, I was in physical therapy four times a week driving 25-45 minutes away which was exhausting, but I never once missed a day and was always 20 minutes early. That dedication led to me finally getting the medical approval for a breast reduction. My very last day of PT for my back was my direct hit of Saturn. A direct hit is when Saturn returns to the exact degree as your natal Saturn.

A lot of my 2022 was spent healing physically and also trying to keep finances steady during this absolutely wild inflation that we're experiencing. We also hit some roadblocks with moving and military orders. But, that has been my return in a nutshell. There are other little things sprinkled in there like being rewarded with our first ever family vacation with my husband a month after he got back home. I also started volunteering my time with the Red Cross to fulfill my humanitarian soul. Now I'm speaking directly to those with Saturn in Pisces because your return begins on March 7th. You just might be able to manage the Saturn energy coming to you when you are aware of the pockets of energy that exists for our benefit. There are some things that you have to go through for your personal development of self, but you can remove the needless suffering. My mental health was taking such a hit that adopting certain things at certain times gave me a little bit of relief. So listen up! Even if you aren't going through your Saturn return, this applies to you as well. If you've been following me for a while, then you know I tend to get on my soapbox quite often about understanding the astrological influence enough to utilize the natural energy that's already flowing all around you.

I preach about activating your chart when you need it. When I say activating your chart, I mean consciously knowing where that placement is for you and leaning heavily into the traits of the placement. It works because astrology shows us the potential, we as the vessel can determine which side of the energy we want to swing towards. For those who have mutable risings (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), shape shifting is pretty easy with some practice.

Think about all of the mundane things that we do in everyday life. Things like folding your laundry, reading a good book, or listening to music. What if I told you that instead of folding your laundry at the time you chose, you could have been taking the time to study your course material during the most opportune time. At certain points, the universe will open a sweet spot for you. This is one way how people who live by astrology are able to seize the moment. As someone who has a personal planner that details day to day transits with them also linked to iCal, and an app to track the moon's progress right on my iPhone home screen, I can vouch for its usefulness.

Insert opportunity periods.

An Opportunity period is when the aspects of the transiting Moon to other transiting planets show no interference with the free flowing energy. This falls under the Electoral branch of astrology and involves auspicious (good omen, positive) planetary alignment. The planetary alignments can bring about favorable changes or open up new opportunities for growth. In conjunction with the Moon, OPs are determined by the alignment of the planets with the Moon and the energies that they bring with them. Take these three planets, for example:

Jupiter = luck If there is an alignment with Jupiter, you'll want to take note of the zodiac sign and apply it towards the area. If Jupiter is transiting your 4th house for instance, and your 4th house is in Virgo. I would spend time during that period organizing the home, refreshing its spiritual hygiene, and establishing a better home flow for a thriving new routine.

Saturn = hard work and discipline This one is pretty self explanatory. Apply some extra elbow grease to the area where you have Saturn. A 6th house Saturn requires some grit while you work and depending on the zodiac sign, will tell you how to go about activating that grit.

Mars = Action and assertion Also self explanatory. Approach the area Mars is at with a little extra umph to see it through. A 8th house Mars transit might mean more sex, or even adding that extra drive to secure funds from other people.

How do you determine opportunity periods?

There's a multi-step process to determining an opportunity period. You'll need to determine planetary combustion and then look at the details surrounding the void of course moon to determine which zodiac the moon is in and if the last aspect made was stressful or easy.

Let me know in a comment on either this blog post, or on social media if you'd like me to explain how to calculate this further in another post. Since March is such a big point in the year, I'll make it a free post for y'all on Patreon. This way you can really have that inside guidance to plan those meetings, make those commitments, and move a bit easier.

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