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Soooo excited for the abundance of mental clarity I will have this Gemini season!

Thank you Astro Moe! Always love my interactions with you, beautiful.

Oracle Erica, 12th House Star

So I have always loved and appreciated all of the astrology insight that Moana gives us. She is a huge inspiration, and I truly appreciate all of the personal reflections that she shares. I resonate with her quite often.

As far as the mental clarity oil, I give it a 10 out of 10! First off the smell is wonderful, just taking in the aromas brought peace to the mind. I’m definitely excited to continue using these oils for my times of brainstorming, reflection, journaling, and blog writing.

The packaging is incredible and there’s even a series of notes, showing the beautiful process and description of products that are included in the order.

Thank you Moe

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