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Unlock the blueprint of your soul with a Specialized Full Natal reading. This in-depth natal chart reading illuminates your cosmic potential by exploring the ten planets and your unique placements of asteroids, centaurs, and dwarf planets. 


I combine my intuitive astrological interpretation by going beyond the surface to reveal the hidden meanings in your natal chart. This provides you with a multi-dimensional understanding of your inner universe. If you have empty houses, you'll find that cosmic bodies outside the main few contain specialized wisdom that can allow your purpose to manifest. My reading style interweaves the celestial storytelling of your chart with practical life guidance. I translate the astrological symbols into a concrete action plan for success while highlighting your innate talents.


The reading includes:


  • Illustrated report mapping the positions of planets & lesser-known cosmic points
  • Analysis connecting the significance of each placement to your past, present & future
  • Tools for self-actualization like affirmations, prompts for shadow work & coaching, if applicable

With compassion and intuition, I create a space where you can embrace all facets of your dynamic self. My commitment is to illuminate your highest potential so you can fearlessly shine.


An accurate birth time is required.

Specialized Full Natal

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  • Knowing your current location is essential for the way I intuitively read charts and formulate transit reports. When you checkout, the shipping information you provide is for this purpose. Please enter the correct information for your current place of residence.

  • It will be sent from my Luna Astrology system.

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