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Expand your cosmic knowledge through an illuminating Astrological Research session. If you have burning questions about dates, times, or chart placements in your quest for self-discovery, I’m here to guide your studies.


In this personalized research service, you provide up to three pertinent dates, times, and locations. I’ll conduct an exhaustive astrological investigation, reviewing everything from traditional planets to asteroids, centaurs, and lesser-known cosmic bodies. The goal is to uncover undiscovered layers of insight connected to your inquiry.


You’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing my analysis of:


  • Charts or transit charts for the dates provided
  • Connections between planetary placements and hypothetical points
  • Patterns, aspects, retrogrades, and progressions relevant to your research

No astrological stone is left unturned. I reveal hidden significance while integrating the research into what you’re exploring.  


Option to Upgrade with 60-min Zoom Call:
Discuss my findings one-on-one and go into more depth about the implications of your research and studies. I’m here to consult with you and help process revelations as a guide.

Astrological Research



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Knowing your current location is essential for the way I intuitively read charts and formulate transit reports. When you checkout, the shipping information you provide is for this purpose. Please enter the correct information for your current place of residence.

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