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Unlock the messages in the stars with Astro Numbers. Your birth chart will be carefully analyzed to identify any special number patterns and angel numbers unique to you. We look at the degrees of the planets, points in your natal chart, and your Astro statistics to see if they form any spiritually significant sequences. 


If no obvious angel numbers appear in your chart, you'll still receive an in-depth reading in tandem with your chart and the available numbers. Astrology, playing cards, and numerology wisdom are combined to provide a personal profile focused on your core numbers and birth card.


Why get an astrology x numerology report?


More Layers of Meaning: Together, astrology and numerology provide overlapping layers of information that can reveal more depth about your personality, relationships, purpose, and cycles of destiny. Numbers and planets each have their own symbolic significance that weaves together beautifully.


Confirmation of Patterns: When themes show up in both the natal chart and in core numbers/cards, it provides powerful confirmation that this is an important message for you. The cosmic repetition will grab your attention.


Explore the Mystical with the Mundane: Astro-numerology readings explore mystical ideas like life paths and soul missions alongside day-to-day concerns like relationships, work performance, and managing stress. It gives you broad useful insight.

Astro Numbers



Knowing your current location is essential for the way I intuitively read charts and formulate transit reports. When you checkout, the shipping information you provide is for this purpose. Please enter the correct information for your current place of residence.

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