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My name is Moana and I am a dedicated Mental Wellness Advocate with a passion for mentoring women by assisting them with their self-awareness.

A lack of self-awareness is the lack of achieving a dream, or a goal. We have all been there. Void of direction and stuck in the same routine wishing and hoping for more. Not sure of how to get out this rut after taking one mis-guided step after another.

I remember working over 40 hours a week while keeping two tiny humans alive who seemed to be permanently attached to me. I'd lay in bed at night wondering If my mothering skills today will benefit my children tomorrow and before I drifted off to sleep, I'd ponder over how I can fit tiny human manager and my goals in the same reality. Let's be honest, I got pushed to the back burner and if I didn't do something quick, I too was going to burn out.

As we continue to progress as humanity, we also come to terms with our own spirituality. We might have had some life event that made the veil thin enough for us to see that there is more out there. Many people who have become enlightened across the world don't tell you the truth about enlightenment, but I will. In almost all cases, you need a mentor that can help you consistently level up and evolve. Someone to encourage you to heal which opens you up to receive more of the universe's abundance and someone who can push you towards your own learning goals.

But, why a life coach? Let me tell you, as a licensed professional coach practitioner, I am PRESENT and FUTURE FOCUSED. I will help you look at where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get from point A to B. My strategies are designed so that you learn the tools in the amount of time that you need and then go off on your own to continue to apply them in your life. You will become no longer dependent on others, but always dependent on yourself. Together, we will improve your emotional wellbeing and change any limiting beliefs systems that exist.

The other side of the later is a beautiful place and it brings me joy to mentor you in achieving it.


General Mentorship

*For those who need overall guidance in multiple areas of life. Together we will get you to a place of having healthy techniques and tendencies to stand tall and knockout all of your goals on your own. We will meet virtually weekly for 45 minutes and check-in in between sessions via text as a nudge of encouragement.

Conscious Parenting

*For the mommas who are struggling to innerstand their children and want to lead a more conscious life. Gentle parenting does not mean being a push over and through coaching, I will help you learn the balance that conscious parenting entails. With over a decade of experience utilizing child development, I will also teach you my developed techniques that I use with my own children. If I recommend an activity, I will provide you with a guideline to get started.

Beginner Spirituality

*For those who are already enlightened, but need some direction. We will dive deep into shadow work where we will address certain areas in your life that could use some healing in order for you to grow. We may discuss other topics such as how to strengthen your self-love, connecting to astrology to live more consciously, number synchronicities that you may be seeing or will begin to see after starting and other conscious topics that will enlighten your journey even more.


Please note: this is a non-religious option that will not impose upon your current belief system. The only thing I'm attached to is helping you grow, if you follow a certain religion, please ensure that I know so that I can incorporate it into my coaching.

* Monthly, bi-Weekly, and weekly payment plans are available in addition to the option for drop in sessions. Support groups will be located on the Geneva app.

Accepting new clients summer 2023!

We look forward to serving you!

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