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Shadow Work with the Planets

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‼️ THIS IS A SELF-PACED VERSION OF THE SCHEDULED PROGRAM ‼️ 🚨 👉Use code "shadowszn" to get our shadow work with the planets course 50% off! Welcome to Self-Work: Shadow work with the planets! In this nine-day course, you will utilize the traditional planets daily for shadow work. It’s recommended to begin this course on a Saturday because the first available section will start with an introduction before focusing the following seven days on each planet and spending the final day on reflection. While this is a self-paced course, the next module won’t open until the next day. It’s designed that way for a purpose. Allow the daily lesson to truly sit in before you move on to the next. Follow according to the day to maximize your learning. Course objective: To provide a transformational experience that empowers participants to access planetary energies for continual self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Participants will be able to create an ongoing personal practice to keep exploring areas of inner growth aligned with planetary energies after the course and understand the value of actively working with both light and shadow aspects of the planetary energies for psyche integration. Course Outline: Day 1: Introduction Day 2: Sunday | Sun Day 3: Monday | Moon Day 4: Tuesday | Mars Day 5: Wednesday | Mercury Day 6: Thursday | Jupiter Day 7: Friday | Venus Day 8: Saturday | Saturn Day 9: Reflection © 2023 Courses by Astro Moe and all related entities. All Rights Reserved.

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