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The Basics of Astrology

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Welcome to the home where knowledge meets the cosmos! This is your jumpstart into learning the astrological basics. This demanding course has a lot of information to get you to a general point of astrological understanding. The instructor has an open-door policy. If you are confused, you may head to the Course Support forum thread to gather support, provide direct feedback within the course, or email, and you will get a response as soon as possible. Astrology is an ancient practice that examines the movement and relative positions of celestial objects as a means of divining information about human affairs and celestial events. For thousands of years, humans have looked to the stars for guidance, seeking answers to life's biggest questions in the patterns of the cosmos. This course will introduce you to astrology's core concepts and techniques, giving you the foundational knowledge to begin interpreting astrological charts and unlocking the mysteries of the zodiac. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge needed to begin practicing astrology at an elementary level. With a comprehensive understanding of core astrological principles, chart interpretation skills, and the qualities of the zodiac signs, you can start consulting astrological guides to make predictions and analyze the cosmic forces influencing your life.

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