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Introducing Quick Astrology reading, the affordable solution for anyone seeking astrological guidance. Whether a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, Quick Astrology provides a quick and specific answer to your burning astrological questions. Provide a time, day, or location, and choose the topic you want more information about. You're limited to two questions, making getting the answers you need easy without breaking the bank. 


Examples of questions may include:


- What are the energy dynamics of my chart?

- What retrogrades or significant planet placements are standing out as pivotal?

- How can I use my chart to manifest _______?

- I'm thinking about changing my career to _____. Does my chart support it?

- I'm confused about ___(a placement, aspect, or pattern)___. Can you help me to understand it better?

- I'm trying to be a better parent. Based on my chart, what can I do?

- What future transit of mine might help me with ________?

- I'm starting my Jupiter return. How can I make use of this energy?


Your question does not have to be limited to this. Please ask the question that is going to get you the most in-depth answer to what you're seeking knowledge of. Questions about event, composite, and progressed charts are also welcome. Please specify if the chart information you're providing is one of these.

Quick Astrology Reading



Knowing your current location is essential for the way I intuitively read charts and formulate transit reports. When you checkout, the shipping information you provide is for this purpose. Please enter the correct information for your current place of residence.

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