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Self love isn't selfish

Roses are red, violets are blue, how often do I take care of myself too?

Let's be real here, times are definitely tough for a lot of us and when you’re already carrying so much, sometimes it's you that gets neglected. It's just as simple as that. It's much easier to pour into everyone around you than yourself.

As February begins, love is in the air. It sounds so cliche, but it's true according to what the planets say. This month all planetary energy is flowing as it should for the first time in months. We also have two planets in really important parts of the sky to include Venus in the sign that it's exalted in. We have about 3 weeks with Venus in Pisces and while it is a lovely place to be in, I can’t help, but to pick up on the self sacrificing energy.

You see, Pisces is a giving sign, however, it’s also common for Pisces to wear rose colored glasses as Pisces takes care of others. This can absolutely put you in a self-sacrificing loop. Constantly ignoring your inner voice that’s fighting for you and you know what? It’s really responsible for the detriment of your own self. You become your own undoing because what Venus in Pisces fails to realize is that self love and self care is not selfish.

It’s essential to prioritize you for your own overall physical and mental health. Self-love is about taking care of ones self, not only physically, but also emotionally, spiritually, and cognitively. It involves an inner understanding of yourself, wholesomely appreciating yourself, and taking the time to not only nurture yourself, but parent your inner-child as well.

Self-love allows you to recognize and act on your own needs, wishes, and desires with no guilt. Taking care of you is not selfish and overtime you’ll become more resilient inside when handling difficult situations as they arise. It's something about knowing and feeling that you're loved that truly empowers you.

Ultimately, self-love is an ever changing journey in your personal value and worth.

Which aligns with February’s energy. Ups and down are going to happen and bumps in your plans will piss you off, but having that devoted love within yourself will help you through it.

Take some time this month to put together a self-care plan and actually stick to it. Consistency is the key that a lot of us are missing. If you’re looking for a template to get you started, check out my self-care plan on my Etsy. Just for reading my blog, use the code “BLOG2” for 15% off.

When working with your own personal chart, there are several placements to look towards for optimal growth. However, the main placements that I'm highlighting are your Moon and your Venus placement.

The moon has a powerful influence when it comes to self-love, and is associated with our emotional response and need for security. Once you know your moon placement inside and out, you will be able to reveal a lot about how you respond to your environment and any other emotional needs that you aren't tackling. Outside of your own personal chart, paying attention to the moon as it orbits through the zodiac every month will reflect different parts of yourself that need some TLC.

Venus is associated with love, beauty, relationships, and pleasure as the planet of harmony and balance. Venus reflects our values and how we express our affections. When it comes to my personal self-care plan, I look to Venus to dig deeper into the things and spaces that I apply value too. I also use this placement to materialize the activities that I do to help me each week. My Venus is in Taurus and whenever I get extremely overwhelmed, I almost always put my hands in some dirt and get some gardening done. This is just one of many self-care activities that I do.

If you’re wanting more info on this month, make sure to follow my social media accounts. I’m constantly updating the collective about energy shifts!

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