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Eliminate Your Limiting Mindset for Success

Our entire human experience and what we know to be reality is created in our brains. Your brain is the main algorithm of your being. You know how if you look at an item on your phone, Facebook automatically has an ad waiting to trigger interaction? Then you keep seeing a bunch of targeted ads. Well our wonderful brains operate similarly. If you are repeatedly telling yourself that you aren’t good enough or that good things never happen to you, then your brain will pay attention to it and help produce more thoughts like this. Now you’ve created a life filter to where you only see the faults. Thus, forming a limiting mindset.

Limiting beliefs are a thought that you believe to be true born through an acceptance about a situation, the world, and even ourselves and those around us. More times than not, the limiting beliefs that hold us back and affect a portion of our adult lives are developed in childhood. Even those who have had the perfect childhood may still have limiting beliefs. More times than not, we see these beliefs present themselves when trying to make healthy and positive changes in life.

Take a moment to imagine that you’re the second child of the family and you get forgotten enough times. Thus creating a limiting belief that you aren’t worthy of unexplained positive attention. From this limiting belief you’ve developed attention seeking behavior which will effectively turn into your arch nemesis to self-progression. Whew! What a chain reaction that was, but in the moment we never see how it will maturate until we find ourselves living in it. Alternatively, the limiting belief doesn’t have to be so dramatic either. It could be from one time when you were late and lost an opportunity so now you say “I don’t have time” when in fact, you probably could make the time with effect time management. This may seem small in retrospect, but having a mindset like this can create some stuck situations for you.

If you follow my blog, I know you’ve seen some of these familiar words before such as acknowledgment. To eliminate your limiting mindset you have to acknowledge it even exists in the first place. This ties directly in my previous blog which touches on avoidance coping. In order to acknowledge, get in the habit of checking yourself and when you find your thoughts begin to beat yourself up, try something so simple as a compliment. When your mind says you’re not worthy of this opportunity, you look in the mirror and tell yourself I have worked hard to touch success. When your mind says, you always make the same mistakes, you look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’ve earned the right to learn valuable lessons. When your mind tells you that you aren’t lovable, you look in the mirror and tell yourself I love you and that matters more than what anyone else feels.

Eliminating something that is holding you back first starts with acknowledging that it’s okay to take up the space that you deserve.

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