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Chiron: The Wounded Healer

If you have made it your duty to tackle your mental health, then Chiron is one of a few placements you should be paying attention too. Chiron is an asteroid that was discovered in 1977 and orbits between Saturn and Uranus. It can take 49-51 years to go through the entire zodiac and its orbit is elliptical meaning the amount of time in each sign is not even. Of all the zodiac signs, it passes through the Gemini-Sagittarius axis the quickest and Aries the longest taking approximately 8 and a quarter years. Chiron is known for personal growth, humility, wounds that are hard to heal, and blessings in disguise.

Having been named after a centaur that was known to have a lot of wisdom along with just actions -- Chiron was sired by Cronus (Saturn) and Philyra, who later abandoned Chiron due to the embarrassment she felt from reproducing a centaur. Through the teachings of his foster father, Apollo, Chiron was able to master botany and medicine becoming a god of teachers and surgeons. Throughout the better portion of Greek mythology, Chiron was attributed to developing, teaching, and healing many. To include, Hercules and even Achilles! Unlike most centaurs, he was civilized and stood above all others. His actions were honorable as he did not indulge in drinking or lust like typical creatures of his kind. His death was a selfless sacrifice when he traded his immortality for Prometheus who gave his life so that humans may have fire. Without having his immortality as a shield, he was accidentally shot with a poisoned arrow from Hercules in his thigh leaving him a wound that was unable to be healed. Even though Chiron was a master of the healing arts, he still could not heal himself. We see him being honored in the stars through a constellation for this act.


Chiron, in my opinion, doesn't get the recognition that it deserves. We learn about where we'll require constant healing, and certain transits to Chiron can produce a wound in our everyday lives. A very good example of this is Britney Spears. Around the time she conceived in 2022, transit Jupiter in Pisces was forming a trine with her North Node in Cancer. This really pushed her towards expanding (Jupiter) upon her purpose (North Node) to be a good mother (Cancer) even though she may have been disillusioned (Pisces) about the pregnancy. As we know she unfortunately announced the loss of her baby on May 14th of that year about a month after her pregnancy announcement and stated that she should have waited a little bit longer before announcing to the public her pregnancy. During this time frame, transit Chiron in Aries was opposing her North Node in Cancer in the 8th house. Chiron being a wound or injury and the 8th house representing death. When you put the energies all together, it supports a miscarriage. The trauma from losing a baby can do a lot of damage to our mental health and I cannot image how Britney felt.

While Chiron can pack a punch, it's worth mentioning that even though we may go through darkness in our lives, that there is light. Chiron is a great example of learning how to transmute negativity into something positive. We see this in everyday life, for instance, losing a loved one to a disease and then becoming a champion for a charity supporting that disease. Or, being bullied about a particular thing, and later in life trying to turn the subject into something that you can transform from. Remember, light cannot exist without darkness.

Keep in mind that Chiron functions differently depending on its placement. When Chiron is operating at it's:

  • Lowest: rejection and the blame game runs rampant

  • Retrograde: self-pity and more whining than usual

  • Highest: transmuting dead energy into healing energy


Astrologers use Chiron to determine the area of your life that needs some addressing. In your natal chart, it will always be something that you continuously address through out your life. However, as Chiron transits through your chart, it calls for you to look at wounds in other areas that require some healing so that you may evolve. Currently Chiron has been in Aries since April 2019 and will remain there through April 2027. This transit is really harping on our self-worth and pushing us to focus on who we really are through a constant identity crisis. There is someone reading this right now who might have put themselves on the back burner for others and is now extremely burnt out. If you have taken the time for introspection, most will see that you can no longer be a doormat and that it's time to stand up for yourself. This is why we saw people in 2020 dramatically shift and become a whole different person from the forced introspection due to quarantine.

Where Chiron is sitting in your natal chart will provide you with more in depth information on how the rest of this transit will play out for you.

Remember, we are all HEALING and not healed. Chiron reminds us of this and provides us with the path to step in and evolve in your own power. When you own your natural flaws and realize that you are imperfectly perfect, you will not only thrive for yourself, but encourage others to thrive for themselves as well.

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