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Foundational Astrology: History, Mythology, and All the Basics

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Foundational Astrology: History, Mythology, and All the Basics Course Overview Astrology, an ancient and mystical practice, delves into the movement and positions of celestial objects to reveal insights about human affairs and celestial events. Humanity has gazed at the stars for millennia, seeking answers to life's profound questions in the cosmic patterns. This course will introduce astrology's fundamental concepts and techniques, equipping you with the knowledge to decipher astrological charts and unravel the zodiac's enigmas. This is your jumpstart into learning the astrological basics. Course Objectives By the end of this course, students will be able to: 1. Start practicing astrology at a basic level 2. Arm themselves with a deep understanding of core astrological principles 3. Begin to interpret charts with a more profound knowledge of the zodiac signs' characteristics 4. Analyze the cosmic influences shaping their life and the lives of others Topics Covered - The history of astrology and its implications in ancient times - Personality traits of the zodiac signs - Mythology behind the planets and zodiac signs - Technical terms that assist in chart interpretation - Quick guide to interpreting charts - Plus more! Course Structure - Self-paced; No time limit; Fixed Order - Quizzes to check knowledge - Final Project: Providing a chart interpretation of a known celebrity Prerequisites None Note: You will receive an emailed certificate of completion. If you need clarification, please know I have an open-door policy. You may email, text (360) 889-2189, or message "Astro Moe" on Facebook, and you will get a response as soon as possible. Join the Discord for bonus learning & study sessions: © 2024 Courses by Moana and all related entities. All Rights Reserved.

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