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Divinatory Astrology

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Divinatory Astrology Course Overview This course explores the ancient practice of astrology as a tool for divination and metaphysical insight. You will learn how to interpret celestial patterns and apply astrological principles better to understand the magic in the world around you. You will also better understand how to integrate astrology with other metaphysical practices. This is your jumpstart into learning how the astrological basics can be used to further connect with the universe around us. Course Objectives By the end of this course, students will be able to: 1. Interpret astrological cycles 2. Select items based on astrology 3. Describe optimal timing for intentions 4. Deepen their astrological intuition Topics Covered - Planetary days and hours - Moon phases and signs - Retrogrades & eclipses - Common intentions - Symbolic meanings - Plus more! Course Structure - Self-paced; No time limit; Fixed Order - Quizzes to check knowledge Final Project: Submit a video via email or Discord of you utilizing astrology within a divinatory practice. More details within the course. Prerequisites Beginner-level understanding of astrology (This course has a quick refresher) An open mind and interest in metaphysical concepts are essential Note: You will receive an emailed certificate of completion. If you need clarification, please know I have an open-door policy. You may email, text (360) 889-2189, or message "Astro Moe" on Facebook, and you will get a response as soon as possible. Join the Discord for bonus learning & study sessions: © 2024 Courses by Moana and all related entities. All Rights Reserved.

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