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Transiting Gemini until June 21st at 5:08a EST when the sun will enter Cancer where it will remain until July. This kicks off the summer solstice beginning at 5:14a EST!


When the Sun trines Saturn on the 16th at 3:13a EST, you’ll be able to start enjoying the beginning fruits of your labor if you’ve been putting in the work. This may be in regards to your business or career or even something you placed high value in. The Sun will also be forming a square with Neptune this day as well at 9:41a EST. Get your dream journal out and record your dreams. Make sure to take sometime to remove the ego and reflect inwards as well.


On the 28th at 8:59p EST, the Sun in the 7th house will square Jupiter in the 4th house. We may see a flair in egotistical tendencies and occurrences where we feel as though we must push others into the shadow in order for us to shine especially if we feel it threatens something we thought was stable. This could look like putting our spouse down, neglecting our legal affairs, and refusing to cooperate in a healthy way. If you are able to keep yourself in alignment while also sharing the stage for others to shine, you will thrive during this transit. Balance and duality.




Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14th beginning at 7:52a EST

The 6th house moon will be opposite the 12th house sun creating an axis that must be united. It’s calling for you to unite self with others. The people around you, the people that you see on your timeline, and the people you interact with during this transit are the people that will bring objective learning lessons to you that challenge not only your ego, but your emotions as well. This transit can also make us sensitive to minor body aches that we otherwise would ignore. Take care of your hips, thighs, and circulatory system.


Moon square Pisces Neptune in the 9th house will also be happening this day. We are feeling all kinds of out of sorts. Maybe we might feel a bit of escapism this day, or have some mental fogginess as we try to push through our work. This could be especially frustrating for those with school assignments, teaching workshops, or those who participate in mentor like teaching. Anxiety may be high so grounding yourself will be in your favor.


Moon is forming a quincunx with Taurus North Node in the 11th house. Are you aligned? Is it your emotionally connected desires versus where your mind is trying to direct you in balance? Is this affecting your friends and social alliances? Maybe it’s time to let your heart take over for a bit if you aren’t happy about where things are. Make the adjustments as needed to get back on track with the greater purpose.


Cancer New Moon on June 28th beginning at 10:39p EST

This day reminds me of duality. While the Cancer moon will conjunct the Cancer sun, we could be feeling like we are being rewarded for being of service to others. However, on the other side this Cancer moon is forming a square with Jupiter in Aries. It’s a pretty quick transit, but it has a habit of going to the extreme. We could see large emotional outbursts happening through forms of communication. Tolerance levels are very, very low and as much as you try to refine things, your attempts are failing. There could be social media rants, emotionally charged phone calls, and long winded text messages. If you work in customer service, please be kind to yourself as people unleash their frustrations onto you. Be cautious to injuries to the stomach, chest, and breasts.


Extra long void of course moons are happening on the 5th and 14th. Plan accordingly. This is not the time to start new things. Rest.


We have Mercury stationing direct on the 3rd at 4a EST while Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th at 5:35p EST in the 4th house. Retrogrades are never to be feared. They are a time to look within. In this case, Daddy Saturn may be shaking up our unconscious, home life, how we nurture, and even domestic affairs. We may see more people entering our lives teaching us a lesson or the people currently in our lives may be giving us internal lessons. It’s important to not fight the process no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. Instead, take the time to revisit your boundaries these next 4 or so months.


Towards the end of June on the 28th at 2:20a EST, Neptune will also turn retrograde. For some, they may be stepping into their spiritual power through their social alliances and for others, they might find that their friends are causing their energy to dim. There is always duality in things and I implore you to cast a transit chart to see specifics for you. If you are unsure of how to do this yourself, please consider booking my retrograde service and I can do it for you.


In general, June will bring about easier flows of communication after the 13th and some sexual energy that will be ready to be released around the full moon. So start those hip opening exercises before then to avoid cramping and stiffness. The summer solstice on the 21st will bring the heat of summer. This is the longest day of the year and with the Cancer energy in abundance, nothing will kick the season off better than a cookout or get together with those you consider your family or close friends. The solstice falls on Mars day, a Tuesday so taking action in this way aligns perfectly. When Venus enters Gemini on the 22nd, we’ll for sure see some red flags in our relationships, but we’ll also want to get flirty and creative with the ones we love.


Throughout the month, we will have some important astrological transits:


6th: Sun sextile Chiron

10th: Mercury trine Pluto

11th: Venus conjunct Uranus

13th: Mercury re-enters Gemini as we leave the “retroshade”

15th: Mars conjunct Chiron

16th: Sun trine Saturn

18th: Venus square Saturn; sextile Neptune

20th: Mercury sextile Jupiter

21st: Venus trine Pluto

22nd: Venus enters Gemini

27th: Mercury sextile Chiron; Mars sextile Chiron

28th: Sun square Jupiter; Venus sextile Jupiter


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Updated 1 June 2022 at 11:01a EST