millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do

Astrology is the ultimate tool of self-awareness. There was a time when we relied heavily on astrology to where kings and queens used astrologers before starting a war. Even marriages were checked to ensure compatibility. This was famously used with arranged marriages. While we do have freewill, the stars can help guide our choices so that we reach our highest potential. Checkout my monthly run down of the cosmos, and if my words resonate with you, don't hesitate to book a reading with me. It is a divine purpose of mine to help others heal and innerstand through astrology | If you are new to astrology some of the terminology might confuse you. For now, don't worry about the aspect. Pay attention to the words in between because that's what matters most. Once you get familiar with the lingo, you'll notice yourself putting it all together and making more connections. 

December in the Cosmos

"Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold." -- Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon


Photo taken by Gerald Max Photography on 19 November 2021 during the longest Partial Lunar Eclipse since 1440. We won't see another until 2669, to see more of his work, follow his IG >> here.

the moon

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius - 4th: This new moon will leave us feeling optimistic about the coming new year! Use this energy to hang out with friends, manifest some new year desires/goals, or spend time serving those who are in need. Try not to start anything new on this day. The total Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the Sun casting a shadow to Earth and will be most visible in Antartica with parts of the Southern Hemisphere also catching a glimpse. It will start at 12:29a EST and end around 4:37a. Solar eclipses have a habit of aligning us with new beginnings and bringing unexpected news. Learn what the eclipse means to you with code "eclipse season".

Full Moon in Gemini - 18th: This full moon will have us tap into that two sided Gemini energy. We'll be revealing truths and calling out lies. This is the day to put your best authentic self forward. Gemini can have some inconsistent energy, so use the full moon to finish out projects for the year so that you can start fresh in January. This is also a great day to communicate with your siblings.


December, the month of reflection. This is the month to reflect on all the lessons learned this year and to begin to shift your energy into what you plan to focus on in 2022. With us being in Sag season we will start this month out being optimistic about life.


On the 6th, we have Mars sextile Pluto happening to give us that energy to chase after our heart's desire -- whatever that may be. Use this time to seek out the things that you want. As we near the middle of the month, there will be some impulsivity and a thirst for knowledge. You may see society consistently pushing for more information about things. Mars and Mercury with both enter new signs, Sagittarius and Capricorn respectfully on the 13th. Causing us to be motivated by passion with quick action and our communication to turn business like.


On the 19th, Venus will enter retrograde in Capricorn. Venus doesn't like being here, so expect relationships to be tested and exes to resurface. Big 3 Capricorn placements and Capricorn Venus, you can expect to feel this energy the most. As if a Venus retrograde isn't enough, we'll also have Chiron going direct in Aries causing some heavy emotions to surface. We want to find the root cause of our pain and let it go. We no longer want to feel how we've been feeling and a lot of us are finally ready to let it go. If you know of any releasing rituals, this would be the day to tap into that energy.

Christmas Eve, Jupiter will square Uranus and some BIG opportunities are coming from this transit. Always THINK before you act. Just because it's a big opportunity doesn't mean that it's a safe opportunity. Use that discernment that you were blessed with. Christmas day will come through hot and heavy with some sexual energy. A few of y'all will be expecting a surprise 9 months later due to this and if you aren't careful you will cause more harm than good. So handle this energy wisely.

The 29th is a great day to try something different. Maybe you always do something one way, but you have the urge to switch things up. Take a calculated risk to earn a reward. Communication will also be pretty important, so use this to your advantage for setting boundaries, signing or negotiating contracts, or initiating proposals.

As we wrap up 2021, we're going to be getting to the very core of our ambitions. We will reflect on what didn't work. What did work. What we're going to change and most importantly what we plan to do different to achieve even more success in 2022. Make sure to set some New Year resolutions and write it down so you know it's happening!


Make sure to check out our calendar to view some hot take aspects for December. You can even add it to your own calendar to have self-awareness on the go. View Calendar Here :)

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birthday highlight

December 7th

The Day of Idiosyncrasy

The Week of the Originator

Challenges: Nervous, Irresponsible, Peculiar, Rejected, and Withdrawn

Strengths: Imaginative, Unusual, Sensitive, Ardent, and highly individual


People born on this day are pretty weird and drawn to those who are kind of weird and unique themselves. They respect the people who have the courage to forge their own way and path in the world. There is a take it or leave it attitude to December 7th people due to their self-confidence and transparency. People born on this day like to be accepted conventionally and will force themselves to fit in at times whether they say it or not. It's an internal battle between being true to their peculiar selves while expecting others to understand you and staying in line with the status quo. Take care of your stress levels due to this because they'll weigh down on your nervous system over time. Try to take time off often for R&R and lessen the demand that you continuously put on yourself.

Numerology: 7 - You have a tendency to over analyze most things that you come into contact with due to your student nature for aways wanting to learn. You are a very private person, but you're also highly inquisitive at the same time. At times it can feel like you're hibernating with the amount of sleep you need. Watching becoming meddlesome because of your curiosity and learn how to work with others in a selfless way.

Advice: You must learn how to handle rejection without getting bitter or becoming frustrated. Go easy on yourself or else you'll feel like you're in a box.

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energy message

You want hardcore answers to your dilemmas, but what you have to overstand is that there is no solid answer. You need to be flexible and flow with the possibilities. You have all these dreams, but no practical plan to get there. Once you stop, breathe, and weigh what's realistic with your dream goals, it will make it a lot easier to flow with the opportunities that are naturally attracted to you.