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Astrology is the ultimate tool of self-awareness. There was a time when we relied heavily on astrology to where kings and queens used astrologers before starting a war. Even marriages were checked to ensure compatibility. This was famously used with arranged marriages. While we do have freewill, the stars can help guide our choices so that we reach our highest potential. Checkout my monthly run down of the cosmos, and if my words resonate with you, don't hesitate to book a reading with me. It is a divine purpose of mine to help others heal and innerstand through astrology | If you are new to astrology some of the terminology might confuse you. For now, don't worry about the aspect. Pay attention to the words in between because that's what matters most. Once you get familiar with the lingo, you'll notice yourself putting it all together and making more connections. 

January in the Cosmos

The first month of the year,
A perfect time to start all over again,
Changing energies and deserting old moods,
New beginnings, new attitudes." 
―Charmaine J. Forde


Photo taken by Gerald Max Photography on 19 November 2021 during the longest Partial Lunar Eclipse since 1440. We won't see another until 2669, to see more of his work, follow his IG >> here.

the moon

Full Moon in Cancer - 17th: This full moon will teach us that everyone has their moment to be sensitive and that it's okay to embrace emotional venerability. I would use the energy from this moon to release all the residual frustration you have that's been spilling over from 2021. In general, Full Moons in Cancer could show us family matters that may need to be dealt with and an explosion of feelings could also occur. Please give yourself grace and those around you grace as well. Be a kind leader and really take the time to step up and address your insecurities. Expect to feel a little more clingy and work on sulking.

The special thing about this month is we get 2 new moons. One on the 2nd and one on the 31st occurring in Capricorn and Aquarius respectfully. The second new moon occurring on the 31st will help us look at the world with a fresh perspective. Everything that you dreamed you could accomplish if you knew it was a guaranteed win just might inspire us to seek out these goals. Set those intentions this day and remember, faith without work will work against you. So get to work on achieving these goals.


This month's theme is structure, career, and goals. January will start out with quite a few of us feeling very unmotivated which is strange for the New Moon in Capricorn. This isn't the typical energy for the first new moon of the new year due to it being out of bounds and void longer than usual. It's okay to just rest. As we near the 6th of January to the 10th we should start feeling the lack of motivation begin to disperse. If you are into manifestation rituals, pray to a higher source to manifest, or just like writing down your hopes, dreams, or goals, then the 10th is the day to do this. The Sun will be in a sextile with Neptune. This should help us make good choices especially when it comes to your career and business endeavors. Your intuition will be your greatest ally this day.

On the 14th we have the first Mercury retrograde of the year beginning at 6:41a EST. We all know how Mercury likes to cause trouble. This time it will occur in Aquarius which has a reputation for being pretty unpredictable. It's important to know how Mercury will affect you specially, so make sure you cast a chart or you can book our retrograde reading so that you will know how best to utilize this energy. Expect the retrograde to last until 3 February. To add to the energy, Ceres -- the asteroid known for unconditional love + nurture, cycles of loss + return, and attachment in relationships will also go direct in Taurus on the same day. Please work on your stability and foundations. The goal is to meet your basic needs which may be lacking at the moment. Lay on the self-care extra thick for the middle of the month.

Quite a few of us will be driven to get our lives together and will come up with new and inspiring ideas on how we can achieve this. As awesome as they are, do not tell the world or even those close to you about your career moves. Keep it to yourself for a bit. Not everything needs to be shared especially with Mercury causing chaos to our communications. On the 23rd, we can catch a break just for a little bit from Mercury as the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Then on the next day, the 24th, Mars will enter Capricorn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Exaltation allows the planet to be stronger to achieve it's highest expression and potential. This is a great transit! We are working hard to get ahead and we have determination and courage to make things shake. Make full use of this energy to get things done because stamina will be in abundance and we will have so much direction to finish those big projects that have been sitting. This will be a six week transit.

On the 25th, Mercury will enter Capricorn while still in retrograde. Some may begin to feel stuck at their job and might find that a few career ambitions are now paused. Remember, what's for you is for you and what isn't, just simply isn't. Try not to make rash decisions and carefully plan your exit plan if you are feeling like this. Mercury won't be in retrograde forever and it's important to discern if this is just a now feeling or if you have potential to grow elsewhere. Again, trust your intuition and above all, keep your reputation intact.

On the 29th, Venus will finally stop raining so much havoc on our relationships as it goes direct. For a few, you may find that you've just jumped into a relationship too soon if it bloomed during the Venus retrograde and for the other half of people you may start to feel more relaxed and comfortable. On the 30th, anxiety may be heightened more than usual. The Sun will be in a square with Uranus. Expect some tension and changes that are happening so fast that it makes you question the future. Allowing yourself to have an open mind will help elevate this rising feeling of uncertainty. This feeling won't last so try hard not to make poor choices out of fear.

We will finish the month with a new moon which will hopefully inspire us to make our February great.


Make sure to check out our calendar to view some hot take aspects for January. You can even add it to your own calendar to have self-awareness on the go. View Calendar Here :)

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energy message

This month might feel like your emotions are being amplified, but know that plenty of good things are on their way to you. Yes, you are going to have to sort through all of the sensitivities and insecurities to get there, but trust that there is a positive outcome for you. Working through your emotions and keeping yourself grounded will only yield more positivity for you. So don't be afraid to embrace the emotion, work through it either in therapy or through journaling, and use it for your benefit. There is no emotion so great that you can't flip it into success.

raise your vibrations with self awareness

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