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Current Focuses

Astrological chart readings that incorporate asteroids, Centaurs, and other lesser-used points to provide deeper insight into motivations, challenges, and hidden talents.
Produced by yours truly and hosted alongside my best friend, listen in as we tackle open and honest conversations through a feminine lens.
This is where I host my subscriptions for closed-door metaphysical content, deeper astrology learning, philosophical content, and other things that I provide that require an energy exchange.

About Moana

Motivated to relieve the suffering of others by sharing the wisdom she uncovered, Moana has provided clients with high-quality astrological guidance, coaching, and spiritual teaching for several years. She has well over a decade of knowledge and experience in child and human development that she applies in her guidance.


When she isn't providing astro readings or teaching courses, Moana expands her astrological and spiritual knowledge, writes in-depth blog articles, supports her immediate communities, and creates content for her 17k+ followers. Beyond helping others through her services, her goal is to spread more accessible knowledge to those regardless of where they are on their journey.

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Astro Moe Astrology

Professional Astrologer

I’m a member of the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR), and the Washington State Astrological Association. I am also a Luna Astrology affiliate.

Metaphysical Studies

Spiritual Teacher

In my spaces, I provide several learning materials, including books, collegiate research, and knowledge that I have gathered from diverse sources. I also offer self-paced courses for your leisure and periodically host classes and study sessions.

Handmade Merch

Shop Owner

My shop will be returning in Fall 2024. I curate intentional oils, bath soaks, fixed candles, and more. Stay tuned and join my mailing list for updates.


Community Engagement

Open event to anyone wanting to join in on a virtual study session. Want to co-host a session on a topic you're passionate about? Let's collab! Drop your info on the registration and I'll get back to you.

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Looking for a teacher? Or want to collab? Reach out!

To engage with me more, visit my socials.


(360) 889-2189


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